Apache Mesos
Try< T, E > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Try< T, E >, including all inherited members.

error(const E &e)Try< T, E >inlinestatic
error() const Try< T, E >inline
get()&Try< T, E >inline
get() const &Try< T, E >inline
get()&&Try< T, E >inline
get() const &&Try< T, E >inline
isError() const Try< T, E >inline
isSome() const Try< T, E >inline
operator->() const Try< T, E >inline
operator->()Try< T, E >inline
operator=(const Try &that)=defaultTry< T, E >
operator=(Try &&that)=defaultTry< T, E >
some(const T &t)Try< T, E >inlinestatic
Try(const T &t)Try< T, E >inline
Try(const U &u)Try< T, E >inline
Try(const E &error)Try< T, E >inline
Try(T &&t)Try< T, E >inline
Try(const Try &that)=defaultTry< T, E >
Try(Try &&that)=defaultTry< T, E >
~Try()=defaultTry< T, E >