Apache Mesos
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os.hpp File Reference
#include <sys/utime.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <list>
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <numeric>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <stout/bytes.hpp>
#include <stout/duration.hpp>
#include <stout/none.hpp>
#include <stout/nothing.hpp>
#include <stout/option.hpp>
#include <stout/path.hpp>
#include <stout/stringify.hpp>
#include <stout/strings.hpp>
#include <stout/try.hpp>
#include <stout/version.hpp>
#include <stout/windows.hpp>
#include <stout/os/os.hpp>
#include <stout/os/getenv.hpp>
#include <stout/os/process.hpp>
#include <stout/os/read.hpp>
#include <stout/os/raw/environment.hpp>
#include <stout/os/windows/fd.hpp>
#include <direct.h>
#include <io.h>
#include <Psapi.h>
#include <TlHelp32.h>
#include <Userenv.h>

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Try< std::string > os::internal::nodename ()
Try< std::set< pid_t > > os::pids (Option< pid_t > group, Option< pid_t > session)
Try< std::set< pid_t > > os::pids ()
void os::setenv (const std::string &key, const std::string &value, bool overwrite=true)
void os::unsetenv (const std::string &key)
void os::eraseenv (const std::string &key)
Result< pid_tos::waitpid (long pid, int *status, int options)
std::string os::hstrerror (int err)=delete
Try< Nothingos::chown (uid_t uid, gid_t gid, const std::string &path, bool recursive)
Try< Nothingos::chmod (const std::string &path, int mode)
Try< Nothingos::mknod (const std::string &path, mode_t mode, dev_t dev)
Try< Nothingos::sleep (const Duration &duration)
Try< std::list< std::string > > os::glob (const std::string &pattern)
Try< long > os::cpus ()
Try< Load > os::loadavg ()
Try< Memory > os::memory ()
Try< Versionos::release ()
Try< UTSInfo > os::uname ()
tm * os::gmtime_r (const time_t *timep, tm *result)
Result< PROCESSENTRY32W > os::process_entry (pid_t pid)
Result< Process > os::process (pid_t pid)
int os::random ()
Try< std::wstring > os::name_job (pid_t pid)
Try< SharedHandleos::open_job (const DWORD desired_access, const BOOL inherit_handles, const std::wstring &name)
Try< SharedHandleos::open_job (const DWORD desired_access, const BOOL inherit_handles, const pid_t pid)
Try< SharedHandleos::create_job (const std::wstring &name)
Try< JOBOBJECT_BASIC_ACCOUNTING_INFORMATION > os::get_job_info (pid_t pid)
template<size_t max_pids>
Result< std::set< Process > > os::_get_job_processes (const SharedHandle &job_handle)
Try< std::set< Process > > os::get_job_processes (pid_t pid)
Try< Bytesos::get_job_mem (pid_t pid)
Try< Nothingos::set_job_kill_on_close_limit (pid_t pid)
Try< Nothingos::set_job_cpu_limit (pid_t pid, double cpus)
Try< Nothingos::set_job_mem_limit (pid_t pid, Bytes limit)
Try< Nothingos::assign_job (SharedHandle job_handle, pid_t pid)
Try< Nothingos::kill_job (SharedHandle job_handle)
Try< std::string > os::var ()
std::string os::host_default_path ()