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mesos::csi::ServiceManager Class Reference

#include <service_manager.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 ServiceManager (const process::http::URL &agentUrl, const std::string &rootDir, const CSIPluginInfo &info, const hashset< Service > &services, const std::string &containerPrefix, const Option< std::string > &authToken, const process::grpc::client::Runtime &runtime, Metrics *metrics)
 ServiceManager (const ServiceManager &)=delete
ServiceManageroperator= (const ServiceManager &)=delete
 ~ServiceManager ()
process::Future< Nothingrecover ()
process::Future< std::string > getServiceEndpoint (const Service &service)
process::Future< std::string > getApiVersion ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mesos::csi::ServiceManager::ServiceManager ( const process::http::URL agentUrl,
const std::string &  rootDir,
const CSIPluginInfo &  info,
const hashset< Service > &  services,
const std::string &  containerPrefix,
const Option< std::string > &  authToken,
const process::grpc::client::Runtime runtime,
Metrics metrics 
mesos::csi::ServiceManager::ServiceManager ( const ServiceManager )
mesos::csi::ServiceManager::~ServiceManager ( )

Member Function Documentation

process::Future<std::string> mesos::csi::ServiceManager::getApiVersion ( )
process::Future<std::string> mesos::csi::ServiceManager::getServiceEndpoint ( const Service service)
ServiceManager& mesos::csi::ServiceManager::operator= ( const ServiceManager )
process::Future<Nothing> mesos::csi::ServiceManager::recover ( )

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