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mesos::internal::master::RegistryOperation Class Referenceabstract

#include <registrar.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for mesos::internal::master::RegistryOperation:
process::Promise< bool > mesos::internal::master::AdmitSlave mesos::internal::master::maintenance::StartMaintenance mesos::internal::master::maintenance::StopMaintenance mesos::internal::master::maintenance::UpdateSchedule mesos::internal::master::MarkSlaveGone mesos::internal::master::MarkSlaveReachable mesos::internal::master::MarkSlaveUnreachable mesos::internal::master::Prune mesos::internal::master::quota::RemoveQuota mesos::internal::master::quota::UpdateQuota mesos::internal::master::RemoveSlave mesos::internal::master::UpdateSlave mesos::internal::master::weights::UpdateWeights

Public Member Functions

Try< bool > operator() (Registry *registry, hashset< SlaveID > *slaveIDs)
bool set ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from process::Promise< bool >
 Promise ()
 Promise (const bool &t)
 Promise (Promise &&that)=default
 Promise (const Promise &that)=delete
virtual ~Promise ()
Promiseoperator= (Promise &&)=default
Promiseoperator= (const Promise &)=delete
bool discard ()
bool set (const bool &_t)
bool set (bool &&_t)
bool set (const Future< bool > &future)
bool associate (const Future< bool > &future)
bool fail (const std::string &message)
Future< bool > future () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual Try< bool > perform (Registry *registry, hashset< SlaveID > *slaveIDs)=0

Member Function Documentation

Try<bool> mesos::internal::master::RegistryOperation::operator() ( Registry *  registry,
hashset< SlaveID > *  slaveIDs 
virtual Try<bool> mesos::internal::master::RegistryOperation::perform ( Registry *  registry,
hashset< SlaveID > *  slaveIDs 
protectedpure virtual
bool mesos::internal::master::RegistryOperation::set ( )

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