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mesos::internal::tests::MemoryTestHelper Class Reference

#include <memory_test_helper.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for mesos::internal::tests::MemoryTestHelper:

Public Member Functions

 MemoryTestHelper ()
virtual ~MemoryTestHelper ()
Try< Nothingspawn ()
void cleanup ()
Try< pid_tpid ()
Try< NothingincreaseRSS (const Bytes &size)
Try< NothingincreasePageCache (const Bytes &size=Megabytes(1))
- Public Member Functions inherited from Subcommand
 REPEAT_FROM_TO (1, 11, TEMPLATE, _) explicit Subcommand(const std
virtual ~Subcommand ()
std::string name () const

Static Public Attributes

static const char NAME []

Protected Member Functions

virtual int execute ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Subcommand
virtual flags::FlagsBasegetFlags ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mesos::internal::tests::MemoryTestHelper::MemoryTestHelper ( )
virtual mesos::internal::tests::MemoryTestHelper::~MemoryTestHelper ( )

Member Function Documentation

void mesos::internal::tests::MemoryTestHelper::cleanup ( )
virtual int mesos::internal::tests::MemoryTestHelper::execute ( )

Implements Subcommand.

Try<Nothing> mesos::internal::tests::MemoryTestHelper::increasePageCache ( const Bytes size = Megabytes(1))
Try<Nothing> mesos::internal::tests::MemoryTestHelper::increaseRSS ( const Bytes size)
Try<pid_t> mesos::internal::tests::MemoryTestHelper::pid ( )
Try<Nothing> mesos::internal::tests::MemoryTestHelper::spawn ( )

Member Data Documentation

const char mesos::internal::tests::MemoryTestHelper::NAME[]

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