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mesos::internal::tests::MockAuthorizer Class Reference

#include <mesos.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for mesos::internal::tests::MockAuthorizer:

Public Member Functions

 MockAuthorizer ()
virtual ~MockAuthorizer ()
 MOCK_METHOD1 (authorized, process::Future< bool >(const authorization::Request &request))
 MOCK_METHOD2 (getObjectApprover, process::Future< process::Owned< ObjectApprover >>(const Option< authorization::Subject > &subject, const authorization::Action &action))
- Public Member Functions inherited from mesos::Authorizer
virtual ~Authorizer ()
virtual process::Future< bool > authorized (const authorization::Request &request)=0
 Checks with the identity server back end whether request is allowed by the policies of the identity server, i.e. More...
virtual process::Future
< process::Owned
< ObjectApprover > > 
getObjectApprover (const Option< authorization::Subject > &subject, const authorization::Action &action)=0
 Creates an ObjectApprover which can synchronously check authorization on an object. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from mesos::Authorizer
static Try< Authorizer * > create (const std::string &name)
 Factory method used to create instances of authorizer which are loaded from the ModuleManager. More...
static Try< Authorizer * > create (const ACLs &acls)
 Factory method used to create instances of the default 'local' authorizer. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from mesos::Authorizer
 Authorizer ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mesos::internal::tests::MockAuthorizer::MockAuthorizer ( )
virtual mesos::internal::tests::MockAuthorizer::~MockAuthorizer ( )

Member Function Documentation

mesos::internal::tests::MockAuthorizer::MOCK_METHOD1 ( authorized  ,
process::Future< bool >  const authorization::Request &request 
mesos::internal::tests::MockAuthorizer::MOCK_METHOD2 ( getObjectApprover  ,
process::Future< process::Owned< ObjectApprover >>  const Option< authorization::Subject > &subject, const authorization::Action &action 

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