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mesos::state::ZooKeeperStorage Class Reference

#include <zookeeper.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ZooKeeperStorage (const std::string &servers, const Duration &timeout, const std::string &znode, const Option< zookeeper::Authentication > &auth=None())
virtual ~ZooKeeperStorage ()
virtual process::Future< Option< internal::state::Entry > > get (const std::string &name)
virtual process::Future< bool > set (const internal::state::Entry &entry, const id::UUID &uuid)
virtual process::Future< bool > expunge (const internal::state::Entry &entry)
virtual process::Future< std::set< std::string > > names ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from mesos::state::Storage
 Storage ()
virtual ~Storage ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mesos::state::ZooKeeperStorage::ZooKeeperStorage ( const std::string &  servers,
const Duration timeout,
const std::string &  znode,
const Option< zookeeper::Authentication > &  auth = None() 
virtual mesos::state::ZooKeeperStorage::~ZooKeeperStorage ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual process::Future<bool> mesos::state::ZooKeeperStorage::expunge ( const internal::state::Entry &  entry)

Implements mesos::state::Storage.

virtual process::Future<Option<internal::state::Entry> > mesos::state::ZooKeeperStorage::get ( const std::string &  name)

Implements mesos::state::Storage.

virtual process::Future<std::set<std::string> > mesos::state::ZooKeeperStorage::names ( )

Implements mesos::state::Storage.

virtual process::Future<bool> mesos::state::ZooKeeperStorage::set ( const internal::state::Entry &  entry,
const id::UUID uuid 

Implements mesos::state::Storage.

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