Apache Mesos
ZooKeeperNetwork Member List

This is the complete list of members for ZooKeeperNetwork, including all inherited members.

add(const process::UPID &pid)Networkinline
broadcast(const Protocol< Req, Res > &protocol, const Req &req, const std::set< process::UPID > &filter=std::set< process::UPID >()) const Network
broadcast(const M &m, const std::set< process::UPID > &filter=std::set< process::UPID >()) const Network
EQUAL_TO enum valueNetwork
GREATER_THAN enum valueNetwork
GREATER_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO enum valueNetwork
LESS_THAN enum valueNetwork
LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO enum valueNetwork
Network(const std::set< process::UPID > &pids)Networkinlineexplicit
NOT_EQUAL_TO enum valueNetwork
remove(const process::UPID &pid)Networkinline
set(const std::set< process::UPID > &pids)Networkinline
Network::watch(size_t size, WatchMode mode=NOT_EQUAL_TO) const Networkinline
WatchMode enum nameNetwork
ZooKeeperNetwork(const std::string &servers, const Duration &timeout, const std::string &znode, const Option< zookeeper::Authentication > &auth, const std::set< process::UPID > &base=std::set< process::UPID >())ZooKeeperNetworkinline