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command_utils.hpp File Reference
#include <process/process.hpp>
#include <stout/option.hpp>
#include <stout/path.hpp>

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enum  mesos::internal::command::Compression { mesos::internal::command::Compression::GZIP, mesos::internal::command::Compression::BZIP2, mesos::internal::command::Compression::XZ }


process::Future< Nothingmesos::internal::command::tar (const Path &input, const Path &output, const Option< Path > &directory=None(), const Option< Compression > &compression=None())
 Tar(archive) the file/directory to produce output file. More...
process::Future< Nothingmesos::internal::command::untar (const Path &input, const Option< Path > &directory=None())
 Untar(unarchive) the given file. More...
process::Future< std::string > mesos::internal::command::sha512 (const Path &input)
 Computes SHA 512 checksum of a file. More...
process::Future< Nothingmesos::internal::command::gzip (const Path &input)
 Compresses the given input file in GZIP format. More...
process::Future< Nothingmesos::internal::command::decompress (const Path &input)
 Decompresses given input file based on its compression format. More...