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systemd.hpp File Reference
#include <process/subprocess.hpp>
#include <stout/flags.hpp>
#include <stout/hashset.hpp>
#include <stout/nothing.hpp>
#include <stout/path.hpp>
#include <stout/try.hpp>

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class  systemd::Flags
 Flags to initialize systemd state. More...




Try< Nothingsystemd::mesos::extendLifetime (pid_t child)
 A hook that is executed in the parent process. More...
Try< std::vector< int > > systemd::socket_activation::listenFds ()
Try< std::vector< int > > systemd::socket_activation::listenFdsWithNames (const hashset< std::string > &names)
void systemd::socket_activation::clearEnvironment ()
const Flags & systemd::flags ()
Try< Nothingsystemd::initialize (const Flags &flags)
 Initialized state for support of systemd functions in this file. More...
bool systemd::exists ()
 Check if we are on a systemd environment by: (1) Testing whether /sbin/init links to systemd. More...
bool systemd::enabled ()
 Check if systemd exists, and whether we have initialized it. More...
Path systemd::runtimeDirectory ()
 Returns the path to the runtime directory for systemd units. More...
Path systemd::hierarchy ()
 Return the path to the systemd hierarchy. More...
Try< Nothingsystemd::daemonReload ()
 Runs systemctl daemon-reload. More...
bool systemd::slices::exists (const Path &path)
 Returns whether a systemd slice configuration file exists at the given path. More...
Try< Nothingsystemd::slices::create (const Path &path, const std::string &data)
 Creates a slice configuration with the provided contents at the given path. More...
Try< Nothingsystemd::slices::start (const std::string &name)
 Starts the slice with the given name (via 'systemctl start <name>'). More...


constexpr int systemd::socket_activation::SD_LISTEN_FDS_START = 3