Ben Mahler


Posted July 21, 2014

Apache Mesos 0.19.1 Released

The latest Mesos release, 0.19.1 is now available for download. This release fixes a bug in the Java and Python APIs in which the garbage collection of a MesosSchedulerDriver object leads to a framework unregistration.

More details can be found in MESOS-1550, the report thread from Whitney Sorenson, and the follow up thread from Benjamin Hindman.

This release has the following bug fixes:

  • MESOS-1448 - Mesos Fetcher doesn’t support URLs that have 30X redirects.
  • MESOS-1534 - Scheduler process is not explicitly terminated in the destructor of MesosSchedulerDriver.
  • MESOS-1538 - A container destruction in the middle of a launch leads to CHECK failure.
  • MESOS-1539 - No longer able to spin up Mesos master in local mode.
  • MESOS-1550 - MesosSchedulerDriver should never, ever, call ‘stop’.
  • MESOS-1551 - Master does not create work directory when missing.

Upgrading to 0.19.1 can be done seamlessly on a 0.19.0 cluster. If upgrading from 0.18.x, please refer to the upgrades documentation.


Thanks to all the contributors for 0.19.1: Tom Arnfeld, Ian Downes, Benjamin Hindman, Benjamin Mahler, Vinod Kone, Whitney Sorenson.