About the Community

Apache Mesos is an open source community that's organized by its members, including you! Whether you're running or writing a framework, or hacking the core, there are opportunities for you to get in touch and ask questions, get involved locally, and contribute back. If you're interested in who is using Mesos, check out our growing Powered By Mesos list.

Get Involved

Local User Groups

Mesos User Groups organize local Mesos events in different cities. Join one in your city, or learn how to start your own.


Report or track a bug

New bugs can be reported on our issue tracker. In order to create a new issue, you'll need to signup for an account. See the guidelines here.

Contribute a core patch

Follow our contribution guidelines when submitting a patch. We love patches. :)

Working Groups

As the community has scaled, we work on larger and more involved features and components in separate interest or working groups. We keep track of these working groups here. In this list, you will be able to get in touch with the stakeholders, contributors and committers interested in certain features for Mesos and join in on the design meetings.

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Developers and users chat at mesos.slack.com.

To request an invite for slack please click here.

All slack communication is publicly archived here.


If you want to connect to our slack team through an IRC client please click here after signing up.

The slack channel is currently also mirrored at #mesos channel on irc.freenode.net.

If you are new to IRC, you can use a web-based client.

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