Kapil Arya

Posted August 20, 2018

Apache Mesos 1.4.2 Released

The latest Mesos 1.4.x release, 1.4.2, is now available for download. This release includes important bug fixes and improvements on top of 1.4.2. It is recommended to use this version if you are considering using Mesos 1.4. More specifically, this release includes the following notable fixes:

  • MESOS-4527 - Roles can exceed limit allocation via reservations.
  • MESOS-7099 - Quota can be exceeded due to coarse-grained offer technique.
  • MESOS-8293 - Reservation may not be allocated when the role has no quota.
  • MESOS-8339 - Quota headroom may be insufficiently held when role has more reservation than quota.
  • MESOS-8352 - Resources may get over allocated to some roles while fail to meet the quota of other roles.
  • MESOS-8488 - Docker bug can cause unkillable tasks.
  • MESOS-8604 - Quota headroom tracking may be incorrect in the presence of hierarchical reservation.
  • MESOS-8830 - Agent gc on old slave sandboxes could empty persistent volume data
  • MESOS-8904 - Master crash when removing quota.
  • MESOS-8935 - Quota limit “chopping” can lead to cpu-only and memory-only offers.
  • MESOS-8936 - Implement a Random Sorter for offer allocations.
  • MESOS-8942 - Master streaming API does not send (health) check updates for tasks.
  • MESOS-8987 - Master asks agent to shutdown upon auth errors.
  • MESOS-9125 - Port mapper CNI plugin might fail with “Resource temporarily unavailable”
  • MESOS-9127 - Port mapper CNI plugin might deadlock iptables on the agent.

Full release notes are available in the release CHANGELOG


Rolling upgrades from a Mesos 1.4.1 cluster to Mesos 1.4.2 are straightforward. Please refer to the upgrade guide for detailed information on upgrading to Mesos 1.4.1 from 1.0.x, 1.2.x, or 1.3.x.

Try it out

Please try out this release and let us know what you think. If you run into any issues, let us know on the user mailing list and/or Slack/IRC.


Thanks to the 24 contributors who made 1.4.2 possible:

Akash Gupta, Alexander Rojas, Alexander Rukletsov, Andrei Budnik, Armand Grillet, Benjamin Bannier, Benjamin Hindman, Benjamin Mahler, Benno Evers, Bin Zheng, Chun-Hung Hsiao, Gastón Kleiman, Gilbert Song, Greg Mann, He Yi Hua, James Peach, Jason Lai, Jie Yu, Kapil Arya, Kjetil Joergensen, Meng Zhu, Michael Park, Qian Zhang, Zhitao Li