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Libprocess Options

The bundled libprocess library can be controlled with the following environment variables.

Variable Explanation
LIBPROCESS_IP Sets the IP address for communication to and from libprocess.
LIBPROCESS_PORT Sets the port for communication to and from libprocess.
LIBPROCESS_ADVERTISE_IP If set, this provides the IP address that will be advertised to the outside world for communication to and from libprocess. This is useful, for example, for containerized tasks in which communication is bound locally to a non-public IP that will be inaccessible to the master.
LIBPROCESS_ADVERTISE_PORT If set, this provides the port that will be advertised to the outside world for communication to and from libprocess. Note that this port will not actually be bound (the local LIBPROCESS_PORT will be), so redirection to the local IP and port must be provided separately.
LIBPROCESS_REQUIRE_PEER_ADDRESS_IP_MATCH If set, the IP address portion of the libprocess UPID in incoming messages is required to match the IP address of the socket from which the message was sent. This can be a security enhancement since it prevents unauthorized senders impersonating other libprocess actors. This check may break configurations that require setting LIBPROCESS_IP, or LIBPROCESS_ADVERTISE_IP. Additionally, multi-homed configurations may be affected since the address on which libprocess is listening may not match the address from which libprocess connects to other actors.
LIBPROCESS_ENABLE_PROFILER To enable the profiler, this variable must be set to 1. Note that this variable will only work if Mesos has been configured with --enable-perftools.
LIBPROCESS_METRICS_SNAPSHOT_ENDPOINT_RATE_LIMIT If set, this variable can be used to configure the rate limit applied to the /metrics/snapshot endpoint. The format is `/`. Examples: `10/1secs`, `100/10secs`, etc.
LIBPROCESS_NUM_WORKER_THREADS If set to an integer value in the range 1 to 1024, it overrides the default setting of the number of libprocess worker threads, which is the maximum of 8 and the number of cores on the machine.