Develop and run resource-efficient distributed systems

Apache Mesos is a cluster manager that simplifies the complexity of running applications on a shared pool of servers.

Mesos Adopters

  • Twitter logo

    Chris Fry, SVP of Engineering at Twitter

    "Mesos is the cornerstone of our elastic compute infrastructure -- it's how we build all our new services and is critical for Twitter's continued success at scale. It's one of the primary keys to our data center efficiency."

  • Airbnb logo

    Brenden Matthews, AirBnB

    "At Airbnb, we're using Mesos to manage cluster resources for most of our data infrastructure. We run Chronos, Storm, and Hadoop on top of Mesos in order to process petabytes of data."


  • Fault-tolerant replicated master using ZooKeeper
  • Scalability to 10,000s of nodes
  • Isolation between tasks with Linux Containers
  • Multi-resource scheduling (memory and CPU aware)
  • Java, Python and C++ APIs for developing new parallel applications
  • Web UI for viewing cluster state