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Lists tasks from all active frameworks.


Returns 200 OK when task information was queried successfully.

Returns 307 TEMPORARY_REDIRECT redirect to the leading master when current master is not the leader.

Returns 503 SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE if the leading master cannot be found.

Lists known tasks. The information shown might be filtered based on the user accessing the endpoint.

Query parameters:

   framework_id=VALUE   Only return tasks belonging to the framework with this ID.
   limit=VALUE          Maximum number of tasks returned (default is 100).
   offset=VALUE         Starts task list at offset.
   order=(asc|desc)     Ascending or descending sort order (default is descending).
   task_id=VALUE        Only return tasks with this ID (should be used together with parameter 'framework_id').


This endpoint requires authentication iff HTTP authentication is enabled.


This endpoint might be filtered based on the user accessing it. For example a user might only see the subset of tasks they are allowed to view. See the authorization documentation for details.