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Cgroups ‘net_cls’ Subsystem Support in Mesos Containerizer

The cgroups/net_cls isolator allows operators to provide network performance isolation and network segmentation for containers within a Mesos cluster. To enable the cgroups/net_cls isolator, append cgroups/net_cls to the --isolation flag when starting the agent.

As the name suggests, the isolator enables the net_cls subsystem for Linux cgroups and assigns a net_cls cgroup to each container launched by the Mesos Containerizer. The objective of the net_cls subsystem is to allow the kernel to tag packets originating from a container with a 32-bit handle. These handles can be used by kernel modules such as qdisc (for traffic engineering) and net-filter (for firewall) to enforce network performance and security policies specified by the operators. The policies, based on the net_cls handles, can be specified by the operators through user-space tools such as tc and iptables.

The 32-bit handle associated with a net_cls cgroup can be specified by writing the handle to the net_cls.classid file, present within the net_cls cgroup. The 32-bit handle is of the form 0xAAAABBBB, and consists of a 16-bit primary handle 0xAAAA and a 16-bit secondary handle 0xBBBB. You can read more about the use cases for the primary and secondary handles in the Linux kernel documentation for net_cls.

By default, the cgroups/net_cls isolator does not manage the net_cls handles, and assumes the operator is going to manage/assign these handles. To enable the management of net_cls handles by the cgroups/net_cls isolator you need to specify a 16-bit primary handle, of the form 0xAAAA, using the --cgroups_net_cls_primary_handle flag at agent startup.

Once a primary handle has been specified for an agent, for each container the cgroups/net_cls isolator allocates a 16-bit secondary handle. It then assigns the 32-bit combination of the primary and secondary handle to the net_cls cgroup associated with the container by writing to net_cls.classid. The cgroups/net_cls isolator exposes the assigned net_cls handle to operators by exposing the handle as part of the ContainerStatus —associated with any task running within the container— in the agent’s /state endpoint.