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Disk Isolator Based on ‘du’ in Mesos Containerizer

The disk/du (previously posix/disk) isolator provides basic disk isolation. It is able to report the disk usage for each sandbox and optionally enforce the disk quota. It can be used on both Linux and OS X.

To enable the disk/du isolator, append disk/du to the --isolation flag when starting the agent.

By default, the disk quota enforcement is disabled. To enable it, specify --enforce_container_disk_quota when starting the agent.

The disk/du isolator reports disk usage for each sandbox by periodically running the du command. The disk usage can be retrieved from the resource statistics endpoint (/monitor/statistics).

The interval between two dus can be controlled by the agent flag --container_disk_watch_interval. For example, --container_disk_watch_interval=1mins sets the interval to be 1 minute. The default interval is 15 seconds.