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HDFS Class Reference

#include <hdfs.hpp>

Public Member Functions

process::Future< bool > exists (const std::string &path)
process::Future< Bytesdu (const std::string &path)
process::Future< Nothingrm (const std::string &path)
process::Future< NothingcopyFromLocal (const std::string &from, const std::string &to)
process::Future< NothingcopyToLocal (const std::string &from, const std::string &to)

Static Public Member Functions

static Try< process::Owned< HDFS > > create (const Option< std::string > &hadoop=None())
static Try< mesos::URI > parse (const std::string &uri)

Member Function Documentation

process::Future<Nothing> HDFS::copyFromLocal ( const std::string &  from,
const std::string &  to 
process::Future<Nothing> HDFS::copyToLocal ( const std::string &  from,
const std::string &  to 
static Try<process::Owned<HDFS> > HDFS::create ( const Option< std::string > &  hadoop = None())
process::Future<Bytes> HDFS::du ( const std::string &  path)
process::Future<bool> HDFS::exists ( const std::string &  path)
static Try<mesos::URI> HDFS::parse ( const std::string &  uri)
process::Future<Nothing> HDFS::rm ( const std::string &  path)

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