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Weeks Class Reference

#include <duration.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Weeks:

Public Member Functions

constexpr Weeks (int64_t value)
constexpr Weeks (const Duration &d)
double value () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Duration
constexpr Duration ()
 Duration (const timeval &t)
int64_t ns () const
double us () const
double ms () const
double secs () const
double mins () const
double hrs () const
double days () const
double weeks () const
struct timeval timeval () const
bool operator< (const Duration &d) const
bool operator<= (const Duration &d) const
bool operator> (const Duration &d) const
bool operator>= (const Duration &d) const
bool operator== (const Duration &d) const
bool operator!= (const Duration &d) const
Durationoperator+= (const Duration &that)
Durationoperator-= (const Duration &that)
template<typename T >
Durationoperator*= (T multiplier)
template<typename T >
Durationoperator/= (T divisor)
Duration operator+ (const Duration &that) const
Duration operator- (const Duration &that) const
template<typename T >
Duration operator* (T multiplier) const
template<typename T >
Duration operator/ (T divisor) const

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string units ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Duration
static Try< Durationparse (const std::string &s)
static Try< Durationcreate (double seconds)
static constexpr Duration max ()
static constexpr Duration min ()
static constexpr Duration zero ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Duration
constexpr Duration (int64_t value, int64_t unit)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from Duration
static constexpr int64_t NANOSECONDS = 1
static constexpr int64_t MICROSECONDS = 1000 * NANOSECONDS
static constexpr int64_t MILLISECONDS = 1000 * MICROSECONDS
static constexpr int64_t SECONDS = 1000 * MILLISECONDS
static constexpr int64_t MINUTES = 60 * SECONDS
static constexpr int64_t HOURS = 60 * MINUTES
static constexpr int64_t DAYS = 24 * HOURS
static constexpr int64_t WEEKS = 7 * DAYS

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

constexpr Weeks::Weeks ( int64_t  value)
constexpr Weeks::Weeks ( const Duration d)

Member Function Documentation

static std::string Weeks::units ( )
double Weeks::value ( ) const

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