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mesos::ResourceLimits Class Reference

#include <resource_quantities.hpp>

Public Types

typedef boost::container::small_vector_base< std::pair< std::string, Value::Scalar > >::const_iterator iterator
typedef boost::container::small_vector_base< std::pair< std::string, Value::Scalar > >::const_iterator const_iterator

Public Member Functions

 ResourceLimits ()
 ResourceLimits (const google::protobuf::Map< std::string, Value::Scalar > &map)
 ResourceLimits (const ResourceLimits &that)=default
 ResourceLimits (ResourceLimits &&that)=default
ResourceLimitsoperator= (const ResourceLimits &that)=default
ResourceLimitsoperator= (ResourceLimits &&that)=default
const_iterator begin ()
const_iterator end ()
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const
size_t size () const
bool empty () const
Option< Value::Scalar > get (const std::string &name) const
bool contains (const ResourceLimits &right) const
bool operator== (const ResourceLimits &limits) const
bool operator!= (const ResourceLimits &limits) const
bool contains (const ResourceQuantities &quantities) const
ResourceLimitsoperator-= (const ResourceQuantities &quantities)
ResourceLimits operator- (const ResourceQuantities &quantities) const

Static Public Member Functions

static Try< ResourceLimitsfromString (const std::string &text)

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::container::small_vector_base< std::pair<std::string, Value::Scalar> >::const_iterator mesos::ResourceLimits::const_iterator
typedef boost::container::small_vector_base< std::pair<std::string, Value::Scalar> >::const_iterator mesos::ResourceLimits::iterator

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mesos::ResourceLimits::ResourceLimits ( )
mesos::ResourceLimits::ResourceLimits ( const google::protobuf::Map< std::string, Value::Scalar > &  map)
mesos::ResourceLimits::ResourceLimits ( const ResourceLimits that)
mesos::ResourceLimits::ResourceLimits ( ResourceLimits &&  that)

Member Function Documentation

const_iterator mesos::ResourceLimits::begin ( )
const_iterator mesos::ResourceLimits::begin ( ) const
bool mesos::ResourceLimits::contains ( const ResourceLimits right) const
bool mesos::ResourceLimits::contains ( const ResourceQuantities quantities) const
bool mesos::ResourceLimits::empty ( ) const
const_iterator mesos::ResourceLimits::end ( )
const_iterator mesos::ResourceLimits::end ( ) const
static Try<ResourceLimits> mesos::ResourceLimits::fromString ( const std::string &  text)
Option<Value::Scalar> mesos::ResourceLimits::get ( const std::string &  name) const
bool mesos::ResourceLimits::operator!= ( const ResourceLimits limits) const
ResourceLimits mesos::ResourceLimits::operator- ( const ResourceQuantities quantities) const
ResourceLimits& mesos::ResourceLimits::operator-= ( const ResourceQuantities quantities)
ResourceLimits& mesos::ResourceLimits::operator= ( const ResourceLimits that)
ResourceLimits& mesos::ResourceLimits::operator= ( ResourceLimits &&  that)
bool mesos::ResourceLimits::operator== ( const ResourceLimits limits) const
size_t mesos::ResourceLimits::size ( ) const

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