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mesos::http::authentication::BasicAuthenticatee Class Reference

Authenticatee implementing the client side of basic HTTP authentication. More...

#include <basic_authenticatee.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 BasicAuthenticatee ()
 ~BasicAuthenticatee () override
 BasicAuthenticatee (const BasicAuthenticatee &)=delete
BasicAuthenticateeoperator= (const BasicAuthenticatee &)=delete
std::string scheme () const override
 Name of the authentication scheme implemented. More...
process::Future< process::http::Requestauthenticate (const process::http::Request &request, const Option< mesos::v1::Credential > &credential) override
 Create an HTTP request for authentication. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from mesos::http::authentication::Authenticatee
virtual ~Authenticatee ()=default
virtual void reset ()
 Reset the authenticatee to its initial state. More...

Detailed Description

Authenticatee implementing the client side of basic HTTP authentication.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mesos::http::authentication::BasicAuthenticatee::BasicAuthenticatee ( )
mesos::http::authentication::BasicAuthenticatee::~BasicAuthenticatee ( )
mesos::http::authentication::BasicAuthenticatee::BasicAuthenticatee ( const BasicAuthenticatee )

Member Function Documentation

process::Future<process::http::Request> mesos::http::authentication::BasicAuthenticatee::authenticate ( const process::http::Request request,
const Option< mesos::v1::Credential > &  credential 

Create an HTTP request for authentication.

Used for mutating a provided Request with any means of authentication-related headers or other additions and changes.

requestThe HTTP payload intended to be sent to an authenticated endpoint.
credentialThe principal and secret optionally used to create the authentication request.
The mutated HTTP request object containing all information needed for authenticating.

Implements mesos::http::authentication::Authenticatee.

BasicAuthenticatee& mesos::http::authentication::BasicAuthenticatee::operator= ( const BasicAuthenticatee )
std::string mesos::http::authentication::BasicAuthenticatee::scheme ( ) const

Name of the authentication scheme implemented.

Authentication scheme.

Implements mesos::http::authentication::Authenticatee.

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