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mesos::internal::checks::Checker Class Reference

#include <checker.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 ~Checker ()
 Checker (const Checker &)=delete
Checkeroperator= (const Checker &)=delete
void pause ()
void resume ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Try< process::Owned< Checker > > create (const CheckInfo &check, const std::string &launcherDir, const lambda::function< void(const CheckStatusInfo &)> &callback, const TaskID &taskId, Variant< runtime::Plain, runtime::Docker, runtime::Nested > runtime)
 Attempts to create a Checker object. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mesos::internal::checks::Checker::~Checker ( )
mesos::internal::checks::Checker::Checker ( const Checker )

Member Function Documentation

static Try<process::Owned<Checker> > mesos::internal::checks::Checker::create ( const CheckInfo &  check,
const std::string &  launcherDir,
const lambda::function< void(const CheckStatusInfo &)> &  callback,
const TaskID &  taskId,
Variant< runtime::Plain, runtime::Docker, runtime::Nested runtime 

Attempts to create a Checker object.

In case of success, checking starts immediately after initialization.

The check performed is based off the check type and the given runtime.

checkThe protobuf message definition of a check.
launcherDirA directory where Mesos helper binaries are located. Executor must have access to this directory for TCP checks.
callbackA callback Checker uses to send check status updates to its owner (usually an executor).
taskIdThe TaskID of the target task.
runtimeThe runtime that launched the task.
A Checker object or an error if create fails.
A better approach would be to return a stream of updates, e.g., process::Stream<CheckStatusInfo> rather than invoking a callback.
Checker& mesos::internal::checks::Checker::operator= ( const Checker )
void mesos::internal::checks::Checker::pause ( )
void mesos::internal::checks::Checker::resume ( )

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