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mesos::internal::master::weights::UpdateWeights Class Reference

Updates weights for the specified roles. More...

#include <weights.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for mesos::internal::master::weights::UpdateWeights:
mesos::internal::master::RegistryOperation process::Promise< bool >

Public Member Functions

 UpdateWeights (const std::vector< WeightInfo > &_weightInfos)
- Public Member Functions inherited from mesos::internal::master::RegistryOperation
Try< bool > operator() (Registry *registry, hashset< SlaveID > *slaveIDs)
bool set ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from process::Promise< bool >
 Promise ()
 Promise (const bool &t)
 Promise (Promise &&that)=default
 Promise (const Promise &that)=delete
virtual ~Promise ()
Promiseoperator= (Promise &&)=default
Promiseoperator= (const Promise &)=delete
bool discard ()
bool set (const bool &_t)
bool set (bool &&_t)
bool set (const Future< bool > &future)
bool associate (const Future< bool > &future)
bool fail (const std::string &message)
Future< bool > future () const

Protected Member Functions

Try< bool > perform (Registry *registry, hashset< SlaveID > *slaveIDs) override

Detailed Description

Updates weights for the specified roles.

No assumptions are made here: the roles may be unknown to the master, or weights can be already set for the roles. If there are no weights stored for the roles, some new entries are created, otherwise the existing entries are updated.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mesos::internal::master::weights::UpdateWeights::UpdateWeights ( const std::vector< WeightInfo > &  _weightInfos)

Member Function Documentation

Try<bool> mesos::internal::master::weights::UpdateWeights::perform ( Registry *  registry,
hashset< SlaveID > *  slaveIDs 

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