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mesos::uri::DockerFetcherPlugin Class Reference

#include <docker.hpp>

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class  Flags

Public Member Functions

 ~DockerFetcherPlugin () override
std::set< std::string > schemes () const override
 Returns the URI schemes that this plugin handles. More...
std::string name () const override
 Returns the name that this plugin registered with. More...
process::Future< Nothingfetch (const URI &uri, const std::string &directory, const Option< std::string > &data=None(), const Option< std::string > &outputFileName=None()) const override
 Fetches a URI to the given directory. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from mesos::uri::Fetcher::Plugin
virtual ~Plugin ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Try< process::Owned< Fetcher::Plugin > > create (const Flags &flags, bool enableAuthServiceUriFallback=true)
static std::string getBlobPath (const std::string &directory, const std::string &blobSum)

Static Public Attributes

static const char NAME []

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mesos::uri::DockerFetcherPlugin::~DockerFetcherPlugin ( )

Member Function Documentation

static Try<process::Owned<Fetcher::Plugin> > mesos::uri::DockerFetcherPlugin::create ( const Flags flags,
bool  enableAuthServiceUriFallback = true 
process::Future<Nothing> mesos::uri::DockerFetcherPlugin::fetch ( const URI &  uri,
const std::string &  directory,
const Option< std::string > &  data = None(),
const Option< std::string > &  outputFileName = None() 
) const

Fetches a URI to the given directory.

To avoid blocking or crashing the current thread, this method might choose to fork subprocesses for third party commands.

urithe URI to fetch
directorythe directory the URI will be downloaded to
datathe optional user defined data
outputFileNamethe optional output file name

Implements mesos::uri::Fetcher::Plugin.

static std::string mesos::uri::DockerFetcherPlugin::getBlobPath ( const std::string &  directory,
const std::string &  blobSum 
std::string mesos::uri::DockerFetcherPlugin::name ( ) const

Returns the name that this plugin registered with.

Implements mesos::uri::Fetcher::Plugin.

std::set<std::string> mesos::uri::DockerFetcherPlugin::schemes ( ) const

Returns the URI schemes that this plugin handles.

Implements mesos::uri::Fetcher::Plugin.

Member Data Documentation

const char mesos::uri::DockerFetcherPlugin::NAME[]

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