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mesos::v1::resource_provider::Driver Class Reference

Resource provider driver. More...

#include <resource_provider.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Driver (process::Owned< mesos::internal::EndpointDetector > detector, ContentType contentType, const std::function< void(void)> &connected, const std::function< void(void)> &disconnected, const std::function< void(const std::queue< Event > &)> &received, const Option< std::string > &token)
 Construct a Driver. More...
 ~Driver ()
void start () const
 Driver (const Driver &other)=delete
Driveroperator= (const Driver &other)=delete
process::Future< Nothingsend (const Call &call)

Detailed Description

Resource provider driver.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mesos::v1::resource_provider::Driver::Driver ( process::Owned< mesos::internal::EndpointDetector detector,
ContentType  contentType,
const std::function< void(void)> &  connected,
const std::function< void(void)> &  disconnected,
const std::function< void(const std::queue< Event > &)> &  received,
const Option< std::string > &  token 

Construct a Driver.

Expects three callbacks, connected, disconnected, and received which will get invoked serially when it's determined that we've connected (i.e. established TCP connection), disconnected (i.e, connection is broken), or received events from the resource provider manager. Note that we drop events while disconnected.

urlthe URL where the resource provider API is served.
contentTypethe content type expected by this driver.
connecteda callback which will be invoked when the driver is connected.
disconnecteda callback which will be invoked when the driver is disconnected.
receiveda callback which will be invoked when the driver receives resource provider Events.
tokenthe token that will be used for authentication.
mesos::v1::resource_provider::Driver::~Driver ( )
mesos::v1::resource_provider::Driver::Driver ( const Driver other)

Member Function Documentation

Driver& mesos::v1::resource_provider::Driver::operator= ( const Driver other)
process::Future<Nothing> mesos::v1::resource_provider::Driver::send ( const Call &  call)
void mesos::v1::resource_provider::Driver::start ( ) const

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