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os::raw::Argv Class Reference

Represent the argument list expected by execv routines. More...

#include <argv.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Argv (const Argv &)=delete
Argvoperator= (const Argv &)=delete
template<typename Iterable >
 Argv (const Iterable &iterable)
 ~Argv ()
 operator char ** () const
 operator std::vector< std::string > () const

Detailed Description

Represent the argument list expected by execv routines.

The argument list is an array of pointers that point to null-terminated strings. The array of pointers must be terminated by a nullptr. To use this abstraction, see the following example:

vector<string> args = {"arg0", "arg1"}; os::raw::Argv argv(args); execvp("my_binary", argv);

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

os::raw::Argv::Argv ( const Argv )
template<typename Iterable >
os::raw::Argv::Argv ( const Iterable &  iterable)
os::raw::Argv::~Argv ( )

Member Function Documentation

os::raw::Argv::operator char ** ( ) const
os::raw::Argv::operator std::vector< std::string > ( ) const
Argv& os::raw::Argv::operator= ( const Argv )

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