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flags::Flag Struct Reference

#include <flag.hpp>

Public Member Functions

const Nameeffective_name () const

Public Attributes

Name name
Option< Namealias
Option< Nameloaded_name
std::string help
bool boolean
lambda::function< Try< Nothing >FlagsBase *, const std::string &)> load
lambda::function< Option< std::string >const FlagsBase &)> stringify
lambda::function< Option< Error >const FlagsBase &)> validate
bool required

Member Function Documentation

const Name& flags::Flag::effective_name ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

Option<Name> flags::Flag::alias
bool flags::Flag::boolean
std::string flags::Flag::help
lambda::function<Try<Nothing>FlagsBase*, const std::string&)> flags::Flag::load
Option<Name> flags::Flag::loaded_name
Name flags::Flag::name
bool flags::Flag::required
lambda::function<Option<std::string>const FlagsBase&)> flags::Flag::stringify
lambda::function<Option<Error>const FlagsBase&)> flags::Flag::validate

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