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mesos::internal::slave::TaskStatusUpdateStream Struct Reference

#include <task_status_update_manager.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 TaskStatusUpdateStream (const TaskID &_taskId, const FrameworkID &_frameworkId, const SlaveID &_slaveId, const Flags &_flags, bool _checkpoint, const Option< ExecutorID > &executorId, const Option< ContainerID > &containerId)
 ~TaskStatusUpdateStream ()
Try< bool > update (const StatusUpdate &update)
Try< bool > acknowledgement (const TaskID &taskId, const FrameworkID &frameworkId, const id::UUID &uuid, const StatusUpdate &update)
Result< StatusUpdate > next ()
Try< Nothingreplay (const std::vector< StatusUpdate > &updates, const hashset< id::UUID > &acks)

Public Attributes

const bool checkpoint
bool terminated
Option< process::Timeouttimeout
std::queue< StatusUpdate > pending

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mesos::internal::slave::TaskStatusUpdateStream::TaskStatusUpdateStream ( const TaskID &  _taskId,
const FrameworkID &  _frameworkId,
const SlaveID &  _slaveId,
const Flags _flags,
bool  _checkpoint,
const Option< ExecutorID > &  executorId,
const Option< ContainerID > &  containerId 
mesos::internal::slave::TaskStatusUpdateStream::~TaskStatusUpdateStream ( )

Member Function Documentation

Try<bool> mesos::internal::slave::TaskStatusUpdateStream::acknowledgement ( const TaskID &  taskId,
const FrameworkID &  frameworkId,
const id::UUID uuid,
const StatusUpdate &  update 
Result<StatusUpdate> mesos::internal::slave::TaskStatusUpdateStream::next ( )
Try<Nothing> mesos::internal::slave::TaskStatusUpdateStream::replay ( const std::vector< StatusUpdate > &  updates,
const hashset< id::UUID > &  acks 
Try<bool> mesos::internal::slave::TaskStatusUpdateStream::update ( const StatusUpdate &  update)

Member Data Documentation

const bool mesos::internal::slave::TaskStatusUpdateStream::checkpoint
std::queue<StatusUpdate> mesos::internal::slave::TaskStatusUpdateStream::pending
bool mesos::internal::slave::TaskStatusUpdateStream::terminated
Option<process::Timeout> mesos::internal::slave::TaskStatusUpdateStream::timeout

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