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process::http::OK Struct Reference

#include <http.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for process::http::OK:

Public Member Functions

 OK ()
 OK (const char *body)
 OK (std::string body)
 OK (std::string body, const std::string &contentType)
 OK (const JSON::Value &value, const Option< std::string > &jsonp=None())
 OK (JSON::Proxy &&value, const Option< std::string > &jsonp=None())
- Public Member Functions inherited from process::http::Response
 Response ()
 Response (uint16_t _code)
 Response (std::string _body, uint16_t _code, const std::string &contentType="text/plain; charset=utf-8")

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from process::http::Response
enum  { NONE, BODY, PATH, PIPE }
- Public Attributes inherited from process::http::Response
std::string status
Headers headers
enum process::http::Response:: { ... }  type
std::string body
std::string path
Option< Pipe::Readerreader
uint16_t code

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

process::http::OK::OK ( )
process::http::OK::OK ( const char *  body)
process::http::OK::OK ( std::string  body)
process::http::OK::OK ( std::string  body,
const std::string &  contentType 
process::http::OK::OK ( const JSON::Value value,
const Option< std::string > &  jsonp = None() 
process::http::OK::OK ( JSON::Proxy &&  value,
const Option< std::string > &  jsonp = None() 

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